Sprayright Plus

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Sprayright Plus- Powder Coating Gun With Patented  “Sieve-While-You-Spray” REAL TIME SIEVER (RTS)  Technology

It Delivers Optically Brilliant Finish And Reduces Powder Coating Cost 


  • Optically brilliant finish achieved due to powder being sieved just before the spray.
  • A massive reduction in coating cost due to reduce powder consumption.
  • Reduce process time, as REAL TIME SIEVER eliminate external sieving circuit traditionally used.
  • Clean process area. As sieving happens in a closed circuit, no powder spillage like conventional sieving systems.

Along with REAL TIME SIEVER, Sprayright Plus Powder Coating Gun offer host of other benefits like-

  • Lightweight powder spray gun with Patented Infiniti™-Ver-2 technology (US Patent No. 5678770) which protects your powder coating gun against any failure. NO BREAKDOWN! NO EXPENSIVE REPAIRS!
  • Powder spray control on the gun body itself.
  • Digital control with display of µA, KV, powder & carrier air on Touch Screen Control Panel Mounted on Trolley.
  • The entire range of nozzles to select from for highest transfer efficiency. And uniform powder thickness
  • Quick color change. Auto clean powder pump, hose, and gun with the touch of a button.
  • Also Available in Automatic Version.

The powder coating gun has a patented replaceable Power Cartridge (Mitsuba US patent No. 5678770). In the unlikely event of a malfunction all you do is…