Special Saji Chana Lehsun Papad

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Spice Platter Chana Lehsun Papad: The legendary Rajasthani papad comes infused with the right crispiness and flavour that make every meal delicious. Prepared from quality ingredients and special blends of spices with a recipe that has been handed down over generations that provides a Royal feeling in every bite. Spice Platter Papad is a thin, crisp, disc shaped made from pulses along with black pepper and Saji Salt. Papads are served as an accompaniment to a meal or as an appetizer or snack with toppings of chopped carrots and chutney. A crispy papad to accompany your meals, brought to your home straight from land of papads, Rajasthan.
Flavour: Chana Lehsun, Strong Spicy.
Weight: 400gms.
Ideal Use : Indian cooking
Delivery time: 3 days
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