MDH Powder - Haldi

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MDH is renowned the world over for its high quality condiments and spice mixes that are a treat to use in Indian cooking. Haldi is one of the main ingredients that is used in pretty much any Indian dish. With this fragrant turmeric or haldi powder from MDH, you can now get yourself a weapon of choice for a range of Indian dishes. Ingredients: This 100 gram pack of haldi contains a fine powder made from the choicest spices available in the country. The turmeric has been gathered from the best farmlands before being boiled and dried for further processing. At one of the many MDH state of the art centres, the haldi is then churned into a powder that is filled with aroma and flavour. How to Use: Haldi is recognised in Ayurveda as a condiment that fixes many ailments. It can also be used while cooking the seasoning for dal, vegetables and curries.