India Gate Basmati Rice - Super

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India Gate has a number of premium products that line the dining tables of most homes in India, especially during festive occasions and parties. The firm and long grained pearly basmati rice from India Gate is well known for its aromatic flavour and fine texture. The Super Basmati Rice from India Gate is a class apart. Ingredients : The pearly long grain basmati rice from India Gate has been sourced from the best farm lands in the country. It is usually derived from North India. This rice has a slightly sweet flavour which makes it a delicacy. Also, it has a fragrance that is appetising, all thanks to the presence of a chemical compound that produces this aroma. How to Use : This grain can be prepared as a simple rice dish to go with dals, curries and various other Indian dishes. It can also be used in Chinese cooking for dishes like Fried Rice.