Harmonic mitigation device with HV, LV & High current protection.

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Rizwan Roshan

Managing Director

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As India is becoming smarter, there is an upsurge in consumption of non-linear loads such as power adaptors, UPS units and SMPS (like TV, refrigerator & washing machine). Every non-linear load is source for harmonics in the line. Indicated by occurrences like flickering lights and overheating switchboards, cables & motors, harmonics takes a toll on the equipment’s life. Hence every household requires a harmonic mitigation device for increasing the appliance’s efficiency and reduce the effective reactive power required by the electricity transmission and distribution.

Bitline Technologies is catering to this growing need with its one-of-a-kind Harmonic mitigation device, an electronic digital circuit breaker (Single phase and Three phases). This single device can protect the entire home from issues like high voltage/low voltage/high current along with filtering the harmful harmonics generated by non-linear loads inside the home. Not only it is extremely user-friendly, but also works independently without any other supporting resource.