Everest Masala - Sabji

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Everest presents their authentic range of masalas that are blended with a wide variety of handpicked and selected spices that bring a whole new flavour and meaning to your dishes. Rake up your favourite recipes and cuisines by adding this magical blend of Everest masalas. INGREDIENTS: Coriander, Chilli, Bengal gram, Black gram, Pigeon Pea, Cumin, Rice, Fenugreek, Common Salt, Curry Leaf, Tamarind, Turmeric, Cassia, Asafoetida and Malic acid How to Use: Cook 100 gm pigeon peas (Tovar/Arhar Dal) for 30 min. Biol it with pieces of drumstick, brinjal, pumpkin and onions. Add 2 tbsp of thick tamarind juice, Chilli powder and salt to taste. Add 1 heaped tbsp of Everest Sambhar Masala. For the Baghar/Taka, heat 2 tsp oil, add 1 red chilli, 1/4 tsp fenugreek, 1/2 tsp mustard seed, 2 springs of curry leaves and a pinch of asafoetida. Add Baghar/Tadka to the mixture. Boil for 2 min. Serve hot with dosas.idlis/appams for authentic flavour.