Eastern Masala - Chilly Chicken

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Spice up your favorite chicken dish with a pinch of Eastern chilly chicken masala. Eastern is an ever expanding brand that offers a stunning array of spices which are manufactured healthily and are full of taste and flavor. This chilly chicken masala not only enhances the yummy quotient of any chicken dish, but is also loaded with essential nutrients. Ingredients: A 100gm pack of Eastern chilly chicken masala contains finest quality of chilly powder,ginger, salt, garlic and pepper. It also contains a little bit of cornflour to make the powder smoother and has star anise. It also has a dash of sugar to augment the taste of the masala. Nutritional Facts: Chilly chicken masala is a rich source of vitamin C which is a potent water soluble antioxidant. It helps in maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, skin, organs, and bones. Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin C can protect you from scurvy, develop resistance against infectious agents (boost immunity), and eliminate harmful free radicals from the body.