Double horse Broken Rice - Matta

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    Double horse

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Matta rice is a wonderful variety of rice which is primarily grown in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Rich in dietary fiber, this is one of the healthiest rice you can include in your diet. The company sources this rice from the most trustworthy vendors in the market, and ensures that the quality is not compromised. The rice is packed with care so that it can enjoy a long shelf life and doesnt get contaminated. Nutritional Facts: Each 500gm pack of Double Horse Broken Rice has 8.5gm protein, 0.9gm mineral, 77.4gm carbohydrate, 349 Kcal energy, 10mg calcium, 280mg phosphorus, 2.8mg iron, 157mg magnesium and 1.4mg zinc. Benefits: The significant amounts of carbohydrates and proteins in the rice provide great energy and stamina.