Catch Table Salt - Iodized

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Catch Table Iodized Salt is an easy-to-use sprinkler which allows salt to come out of the bottle in small portions; it can be easily kept on the dining table for regular use. The clean and hygienically-processed iodized salt is a good choice for your kitchen. The salt is so smooth that it can easily dissolve in any food item. Nutritional Facts: The iodized salt helps to maintain a healthy diet; it improves the functions of the brain and helps to regulate metabolism. It is known to be quite effective in fighting feelings of anxiety and depression. How to Use: The smooth salt granules which are structured and look like fine crystal cubes can be added to any food item. The sprinklers are normally fitted with plastic cap and a rotating sprinkler which helps to eliminate the possibilities of dampness in salt. Your salt will be dry and fresh always.