Catch Powder - Jeera

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Jeera is a tiny grain, filled with lots of flavour and aroma which escapes from the food once it is cooked, to create an appetizing meal. Catch is a well known name in the world of Indian spices and spice mixes. Its Jeera or Cumin Powder is a high quality product. Ingredients: Cumin is a form of Parsley. The seed is derived from the fruit of the plant. Each seed comes from the dried shell, before it is hygienically processed and powdered for this 100 gram pouch that comes from a Catch state of the art factory and goes straight into a grocery store. How to Use: Cumin or Jeera is also known to aid better digestion and is usually used in all Indian dishes. You can use a sprinkling of Jeera powder in vegetable preparations, as well as dals, curries and other dishes. Also, this powder can be used in Indian Street food.