Kids Skipping Ropes -Handmade

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Explore the world of colours and unique toys with Anbay’s handmade Toys. With a aim to get eco-friendly toys for kids we now have handmade Skipping ropes . Each handle of the skipping rope looks like a Doll . These are made with 100% cotton fabric which is skin friendly and machine washable .The Handle is stuffed with good quality cotton. Light weight so kids can carry them anywhere they go. Overall this is a unique and colourful product. Our Skipping rope and are available in many vibrant colours, One look and them and you feel happiness around

Very attractive and colorful at the same time light weight .Skipping ropes are the best activity toys for kids that keeps them fit


All above 4 years . 4+  years approx.


Store /Keep in Clean and dry place


All -good way to keep fit


Cotton Material

Good quality Fabric colors


Length of the Rope – 104 inches /265 cm

Length of handle – 5.5 inches /14 cm

Diameter of handle  (each) – 1 to 1.5 inch  approx.


Length of the Rope  (Regular)– 104 inches /265 cm

Length of the Rope  (Small)– 213 cm

Length of handle – 5 -5.5 inches /14 cm

Diameter of handle  (each) – 1 inch to 1.5 inch  approx.


100% cotton fabric toy that is Kid friendly  and light weight too.