Check Valve, Non Return Valve, Female Threaded Check Valve, Tube end Check Valve

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J. J. manufactures wide variety of valves to suit various applications. Different kind of valve
manufactured are Needle Valve, Ball Valve / Shut off Valve, Flow Control Valve, Non Return Valve / Check valve, Manifold Valve.

Check Valve
Type : Non Return Valve
End Connection : Tube end (Single Ferrule & Double Ferrule), NPT / BSP (M/F)
Size : 6mm to 42mm, 1/4” to 2”
Pressure : Ranging from 100Bar to 630Bar depending on type and size
Material : Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass (From extruded bar or forging)
Surface Treatment : Steel – Zinc Coated (A3C) or Phospatised
Stainless Steel – Natural
Brass – Natural