Foam Type Fire Extinguishers 9 Litre

100.00 - 200.00 /Piece

Min Order Qty 1 Piece

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Urvi Concepts

Mumbai, India

GST Verified

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Specifications -  Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers 9 Litre capacity (Cartridge Type), Squeeze Grip Co2 Gas  Cartridge operated, AFFF Foam conforming to IS: 4989 ,  Gas  cartridge conforming to IS:4947, Controlled Discharge Mechanism, Discharge Hose &  Nozzle, Epoxy Polyester Powder coated as per IS: 15683 ISI mark Fire Extinguisher. Fire Rating: 4A, 55B Operating Temperature: (+)5°C to (+)55°C.  Suitable for ‘A’ ‘B’ Class of Fire.