MDH Masala - Garam

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MDH has been a pioneer when it comes to packages spices and concoctions of the same that can be used for Indian cuisine. Its various spice mixes are well known all around the world. Purity, high quality, aroma and taste all come together in the various products that MDH offers, and this Garam Masala is no different! Ingredients: This powder is a blend of various spices that people traditionally use in Indian cooking. It brings together the rich flavours of caraway, cumin, cardamom, dalchini, elaichi, saunf and black pepper, as well as many other spices, to give you a taste enhancing punch that can be added to any dish. How to Use: Try this Garam Masala with a variety of vegetables and even while cooking dals and curries. It should ideally be added and cooked with the seasoning that we usually prepare for Indian dishes.