VEBINDIA™ Wood Charcoal

20.00 /Kilogram

Min Order Qty 1 Kilogram

  • Tier Pricing:

    100 and Above

    1900.00 /Kilogram

  • Variants:

    1000 (19000)

  • Customisable:


  • Procurement Type:

    In Stock

  • Procurement SLA:

    4 Days

(Estimated time to fulfill an order)


Bengaluru, India

GST Verified

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VEBINDIA™ Natural Wood Charcoal for Barbecue/Angeethi (Use in Grilling/Barbecue, Dehumidifier, Natural Air Freshener & Odor Remover for Home, Kitchen & Garden wood charcoal use in multiple kitchen home garden smoking wood charcoal The coal are free from impurities and no chemicals are used that could give inadmissible smoke or bad taste to the food. absolutely Dry and has NO Dust/Powder. Ideal for Barbecue, Grill purpose ALSO CAN USE EARTHING PURPOSE