Bamboo Standard Straw

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Surat, India

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CHEMICAL FREE: - Made from chemical free production process with no chemical polish or wax finish on the plates.

PREMIUM QUALITY & PERFECTLY CLEAN: - Each product goes through rigorous quality control process including UV ray treatment for improved hygiene.

ECO-FRIENDLY: - 100% natural. Completely biodegradable and composts quickly.

ELEGANT AND STURDY: - It's hard durable and resists cracks, breaks, and leaks. Bamboo products are oven safe, microwavable and grease resistant. Bamboo is tough enough to handle a variety of temperatures.

VERSATILE USE: - Suitable for Restaurant, party, Home, Bar, Hotel, Wedding, Super markets Promotions. Best Suitable option for single use party cutlery.

There's many varieties and types as per requirement.

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