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Mumbai, India

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Dreamboat is a freshly brewed, pedigreed animation studio based out of Mumbai, India. We  specialise in creation which encapsulates the art form.

Our expertise lie in Direction of Animation films which cover the whole gamut - Screenwriting, Concept Art, Storyboarding, Animatics, Music while covering the entire 3D production required for the deliverance of the final product. 

During his joyous career, few of the following projects earned some prestigious awards:

Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks (Animated TV Series)

* Bafta award '05

* Emmy award - various categories '04/'05/'06

* Chicago International Film Festival, Gold Hugo Award '05 & many more

Lego - Legends Of Chima (Animated TV Series)

* Best branded entertainment in kids animation at Banff '14

* Top honors at London International Awards '14

* Golden camera at US International Film & Video festival '14

* Best international animated TV episode at FICCI-BAF '14

Alpha And Omega: (Stereoscopic Animated Feature)

Included in the list of movies eligible for OSCAR nominations (83rd Academy Awards).

Given an opportunity, Dreamboat would like to embrace a long lasting collaboration with you and your esteem organisation.

Welcome onboard Dreamboat - Set sail your  imagination.