2 Way Manifold Valve, 3 Way Manifold Valve, 5 Way Manifold Valve

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J. J. Manifold valve are design for separate mounting, connecting system lines & transmitters, havingsimple configuration which allows for easy block, bleed, and calibration of a static pressure transmitteror gauge. Manifold is available in 2, 3 & 5 valve design. These Manifold valve combine the functions of a tee, calibration valve, isolation valve and all tubing and fittings into a single compact unit thus reducing number of fittings and space required for installation.

Type : Pipe to Pipe, Pipe to Flange, Flange to Flange, Remote Mount, Direct Mount
End Connection : NPT Female
Size : 1/4” or 1/2”
Pressure : 270 Bar
Material : Steel, Stainless Steel,
Surface Treatment : Steel – Zinc Coated (A3C) or Phospatised
Stainless Steel – Natural