Your health is important

Your health is important

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Kamal Anand

Kamal Anand

27 Apr 2019, 20:23 — 5 min read

Summary: As the saying goes, 'health is wealth'. Failing health can indeed overshadow everything in your life. Pressure at work, indulging in poor diet, lack of exercise and not taking out the time to de-stress, can have serious adverse consequences on your health. A happy mind is synonymous with a healthy body and stories of the importance of health and the science of healing our body, mind and spirit have been written even in ancient Indian scriptures and Vedas. Understanding the vital thread connecting the three crucial components namely body, mind and spirit can help in achieving a long healthy life. India is a land that gave birth to yoga, ayurveda and homeopathy and these practices still have the utmost power to heal the human mind and body. Mr Kamal Anand, Director, K.A Centre of Wellness & Healing shares his insights on health and wellbeing.

Your body is a gift from god to live in this world, ideally for a hundred years or even longer. A pure body and good health are the stepping stones to an ideal life. Today, in this modern age, despite so much knowledge on health in various media channels like the internet, TV, books and magazines, we observe that people are neither physically fit nor mentally or emotionally healthy. The reason behind this is because we only talk about and discuss our problems rather than concentrating on solutions and doing something about it.


Hospitals are increasing in numbers every day. People throughout the world are dying due to various diseases at a very early age. Even CEOs of large corporations are stressed and depressed. It is sad to see that people are helpless at the hands of diseases, stress and untimely death. I feel so much suffering is unnecessary, much of which is inflicted upon by us as we do not practice self-control. We in India, the land of kundalini yoga, naturopathy and acupressure which have been in our lifestyle from ancient times, have something practical to share with the world for a good and healthy life. A natural vedic way of living, yoga and spirituality has attracted many people from across the world to India since ancient times. Vedic rishis, yogic gurus and saints of India have given their stunning contribution to mankind. 

To keep the body in good health and the mind calm and peaceful is our prime duty.  We won’t otherwise be able to keep our mind strong for clear vision. 


Study and the experiences has made me aware of most of the mistakes I have made in my life thus far, and it is my wish that others, specially the children and youth may learn from my mistakes (which have proven to be a blessing for me and will be useful to others as it will be less painful for others) to live a pain free life. When you learn from the mistakes of others, it is less painful as you are neither physically or emotionally involved. 

My book on Natural Health & Healing has reference to several literatures ranging from ancient Hindu literature to modern science. To keep the body in good health and the mind calm and peaceful is our prime duty.  We won’t otherwise be able to keep our mind strong for clear vision. Nowadays, people are more concerned with the breed of the dog they have or the brand of their mobile phones. People want best cars and want good roads, better drainage system, best houses and are desirous of accumulating wealth, which they must have but who will look after your health? Your health is most important and it is imperative that you take care of your health and happiness first. Look after yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That should be your prime importance.

Allopathic medicines treat diseases, physicians treat the body and psychiatrists treat the mind to some extent but not the cause. But yoga, ayurveda, acupressure and homeopathy medicine treat the whole person, i.e. body, mind and soul. These therapies are based on five elements namely air, water, fire, earth, and ether.

Whenever a person manifests pain, we use yoga, acupressure and other remedies to block the source of pain by revitalizing the internal strength of the body. Yoga and acupressure not only releases physical pain but also touches the emotional and spiritual aspects. My book can be extremely useful for those willing to live a long fulfilling life.

Time is flying never to return, so start a healthy living, today!

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