Why 1.5 million customers use Tally?

Why 1.5 million customers use Tally?

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Vaibhav Sarse

Vaibhav Sarse

25 Jun 2019, 11:52 — 5 min read

Summary: An accounting software merges together all systems and applications used for managing and processing financial data. Tally, which is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, has gained a lot of popularity over a period of time due to its ability to simplify calculations. Vaibhav Sarse in his previous article shared a comprehensive checklist of 10 things you need to keep in mind for the smooth functioning of Tally. In this article he shares the benefits of Tally and why nearly 1.5 million people love using it.

What is the first brand that comes to your mind when you think of an accounting software? I’m sure most of you will answer Tally. Tally has indeed won millions of hearts by its power of simplicity. Knowing how the software works is considered a desirable skill for all accountants.  


Even though the list of reasons why so many customers use Tally is unending, here are some reasons why Tally is used worldwide.  



Any person who understands business transactions can easily use Tally. The simplicity of the software encourages more and more businesses to invest in the software as it eliminates time and cost wasted on training Tally users in that company.  


Cost effective

Tally is a business management software that can be used in multiple departments for multiple functions. For example, the software helps in Payroll management, Inventory management, etc.  


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GST compliant

It is a known fact that a timely filing of GST returns is important and if not done on time, the business will be liable to penalties under the GST Act. Tally.ERP 9 is completely GST compliant and hence all changes made in the act are made in the software.  


Multiple features

Tally has multiple features that can be used not only in the accounts department but also in the other departments such as HR, operations, etc. Some features include e-way bill management, GST return filing, TDS calculation, budget management, purchase and sales management, etc.  


Quick accessibility

Tally has a unique UI/UX design that helps users navigate quickly due to its keyboard shortcuts. The software does not require the user to operate a mouse in order to move across various screens. This feature of the software makes it unique and increases the speed of accessing data in the software.  


Multiple license users

The software comes in two variations. A single user license i.e the Silver version and the Gold version which is a multi-user. Both these versions are the same feature-wise but as the name suggests, a Silver Tally license can only be used by a single user on a single system at a time. Whereas, a Gold license can be used on multiple computers by multiple users simultaneously.  

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Perpetual license

Tally.ERP 9 is a perpetual license which means after purchasing of the license the software can be used for an indefinite period of time. Most software today in the market has a yearly fee which has to be paid in order to continue using the software. Thus once purchased you have to keep paying a fee until you stop using the software.  


After sales service

In the software industry, the after sales service is more important than the service provided while purchasing. Tally solutions have a toll free number through which it provides free support to its customers. Thus the customers using Tally, do not have to worry about the after sales support as it will be provided by Tally solutions itself.  


Training not required
Over the time, the importance of knowing Tally has increased to such a level that now any person aspiring to work in the accounts department has either already used or knows how Tally works. This saves the cost on training which can be utilised elsewhere.

There are many other reasons that have led to more than 1.5 million customers using Tally. The competition in the accounting software industry has been growing recently but still, the market space occupied by Tally solutions cannot be replaced by any new competitor.  

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