What is the perfect eCommerce ecosystem, and how can it help you grow?

What is the perfect eCommerce ecosystem, and how can it help you grow?


Mohammad Adnan

Mohammad Adnan

2 Sep 2020, 14:15 — 5 min read

In today’s new normal world, every organisation strives to either go digital and survive or wither and vanish. It’s no more a secret that going digital or technological will lead to success. Well, at least an effort will be made to survive and thrive.


If you are an SME who has come across multiple eCommerce companies targeting you to create an eStore, this article is for you.

A common eCommerce platform will only help you with a website builder, which is not enough, and having only a website will not solve your problem.


You cannot become successful overnight with just owning a piece of technology that is known by everyone. To effectively grow and make use of it, what you need is a perfect ecosystem.


What is a perfect eCommerce ecosystem?


1. Understands your initial baby-steps into the digital world 

A perfect eCommerce ecosystem is something that helps your business from start to end. The digital technologies available today have transformed customer expectations. Many traditional businesses must go through this digital transformation to compete effectively with brands that have mastered these and other eCommerce capabilities. It helps you understand and handholds you while you take your initial baby-steps into the digital world, which is newly known to you.


2. Helps you launch with all your products and their descriptions

The utmost essential part of starting with your online store is products: uploading your products, having creative and attractive product descriptions. An eCommerce website builder will not help you with this step, but an eCommerce ecosystem will assist you during this crucial step.


3. Equips you with the right payment gateway solution to collect online payments

The eCommerce ecosystem provides help for every aspect of having an online store. Another area where our research shows most businesses face an issue is getting the perfect payment gateway. Enabling online payment options for your online store is very important as more customers want cashless transactions. Joining an eCommerce ecosystem equips you with the right payment gateway solution and guides you with the correct documentation and paperwork. This will help you focus on marketing and promoting your products, which is of the most valuable.


4. Integrates you with the right logistics partner

 When a business plans to start an online store, they are overwhelmed by so many logistics options available. An eCommerce ecosystem integrates your online store with the right logistics partner, who is well-priced. Our logistics partner supports you with traceability: Making it easy for your customers to track their orders.


5. Helps you connect with the right customers

The platform that consists of an ecosystem approach looks at all the minute difficulties faced while setting up an online store and giving a solution. An eCommerce ecosystem is a community in itself and helps you connect with the right customers. Connecting with the right customers will higher your potential for sales growth, interest in the product, and loyalty towards the brand.


6. Connects you with a community of like-minded individuals

Last but not least, an ecosystem helps improve yourself, your skills, and also your business. It connects you to a community of like-minded individuals on the same steps of this digital journey. Networking with such individuals, knowing their stories will help your business to reach out to the sky.


With GlobalLinker’s eCommerce platform – Linker.store, you get a specially-curated platform to carter any and every need off SMEs, along with creating your free online store, it also offers you integrated payment gateway and integrated logistics.


Along with making your online store, GlobalLinker also provides a platform for you to: 

Learn from our 10,000+ content resources

Network with 300,000+ SMEs

Grow along with 210 curated industries


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