Top digital marketing books you should read in 2018

Top digital marketing books you should read in 2018


Hemant Shewakramani

Hemant Shewakramani

30 Mar 2018, 09:29 — 3 min read

Given the rapid changes in trends in digital marketing, keeping yourself updated on latest trends in the field is difficult. To give yourself and your business an edge and keep yourself at par with all the changing trends,  at the very least, subscriptions to some of the popular and relevant digital marketing blogs is vital.


However, being a book lover and a habitual reader, I still feel the act of reading books imparts knowledge in a way which is core to learning how to create success when it comes to digital marketing. To people interested in digital marketing, I recommend the following books for stories and lessons that inspire and can help grow your business.


1. To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood

Author: Malini Agarwal aka MissMalini

This book by Agarwal aka MissMalini, is about her journey to Mumbai, her struggles, her success, radio days and  the rise of social media, along with some amazing Bollywood stories.


2. The Big Connect: Politics in the Age of Social Media

Author: Shaili Chopra

Shaili Chopra needs no introduction. This book is a collection of social media case studies on election campaigns by political parties in India.


3. The Indestructible Brand: Crisis Management in the Age of Social Media

Author: Venke Sharma / Hushidar Kharas

This book shares with you the best practices & effective tactics on how to address the social media crisis. It presents examples and suggestions on how brands can avoid certain mistakes.


4. India Social: How Social Media is Leading the Charge and Changing the Country

Author: Ankit Lal

This book describes the real truth of social media in India. Its shares the impact of social media on politics, business, protest, activism, crowdsourcing, and much more.


Do let me know in the comments section below about books that you liked most, and suggest any other digital marketing books which may be enlightening and informational to read for an SME.


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