Tips to select the best translation service for your business

Tips to select the best translation service for your business

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Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra

17 Jan 2018, 12:55 — 3 min read

If you are looking to establish your business in a foreign region or expand your enterprise globally you will need to partner with reliable translation services.


When you search online for translation services, several translation agencies in your vicinity may show up in the results. This makes selecting the right translation agency a difficult and confusing task. Below are a few factors which can assist you in selecting the best translation service for your business.


Quality translators

At the end of the day, the quality of services provided by a translation agency will depend on the quality of translators working for it. Hence, an agency which hires well qualified and experienced translators is bound to provide you with much better translation services than an agency where unqualified and inexperienced translators are working. Thus, by running a quick background check on the translators present at an agency, you would be able to determine whether it is worth hiring the services of that translation agency or not. Conducting a test or sample translation can be part of the background check process.


Non-disclosure agreement

There is a lot of confidential data and information that gets exchanged during official meetings. Since the translator would be present at such meetings, and the entire conversation would be run through this translator, including the reading of the documents, etc., it becomes very important that the translator should agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the safety of your data. If any of the translation services refuse to sign this agreement or their translators do not agree to sign this NDA, then hiring the services of these agencies can be extremely risky for you.


Market reputation

When a conversation takes place through a translator, you have to trust that every word that the translator is speaking is accurate. It can be difficult to have such blind faith in a stranger, and therefore, you need to hire the services of a reputed agency. The fact that the agency has managed to earn a good reputation for itself, is proof that it has in the past rendered good and honest services to its clients, and this can be the strongest foundation upon which you can base your trust on the agency and its translators.


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