The Secret Of Success Is Within You. Just Find Your Trigger

The Secret Of Success Is Within You. Just Find Your Trigger


Vivek Rege

Vivek Rege

9 Nov 2015, 10:33 — 4 min read

Over the past few weeks, I have had unusual conversations with clients and acquaintances. These are people who have not seen me for about three months, and the first thing they say is, ‘Hey! Is everything okay? You seem to have lost a lot of weight!’


Three months ago, I weighed about 80 kgs. Now I’m within kissing distance of 68 kgs. So many of my conversations with other people are about how I got to this point.


When I share my weight loss experience, I see a number of people who would like to lose weight like I have, but are not prepared to accept the sacrifices involved. Some feel there is merit in pursuing my weight loss plan, and say they will try it. But when I meet them again, they say they couldn’t do it beyond a day or two. Some are even more candid and tell me that their resolve to lose weight lasted just a few hours.


Learning The Secret


This made me think. Why is it that for some people, wanting or desiring to achieve something rarely translates into a concrete outcome?


Then I realised the answer. Desire alone is not the key to concrete results. You need a trigger, something powerful that stimulates you, to take your desire and do what it takes to turn it into reality.


A truly powerful trigger is internal – it is based on your own behavioural patterns, your own needs, and that gives it a long life and will power. An external trigger – that is, something suggested by someone else – has only a short shelf life.


In my case, my internal trigger was stimulated by a very simple desire to curb my habit to eat too much with my family on weekends, as I could see signs of this on my weight, which meant that lifestyle-related illnesses were slowly cropping up. So following a regime which redefined my food habits worked as a catalyst, and I was able to reach this point and to maintain my weight on an on-going basis.


Look Inward


It’s easy to relate this to our 13 years of practice at V R Wealth Advisors. We have seen clients who have successfully steered their way through wealth management and are still doing it. Our deep conversations with our clients help them unlock triggers that they did not know they possessed.


When you work, it is essential to design practices that will unlock triggers from within. Once that happens, when you put a structure to your plans, follow a strong process, and apply certain techniques developed over the years, success stories emerge.


There are three parts to this:


  1. A strong desire to move towards a desired point;
  2. A powerful internal trigger to take you through the time frame;
  3. An advisor who can facilitate matters and navigate you to the desired point by applying the right process and techniques, learned through extensive practice.

Deep conversations with your advisors will help you discover or unlock the triggers within you. In our process, clients may discover their triggers at any stage of the process. That’s because each stage has its own design, to allow the client to discover the dots. As the dots connect, you become clear about your trigger. And that is powerful enough to put your financial life journey on the desired track.

So if you want to be truly successful, look inward. You will discover your trigger.