Passion for writing leads finance professional to create content creation firm

Passion for writing leads finance professional to create content creation firm

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

10 Jul 2018, 09:30 — 5 min read

Enterprise: ArdourWe Content Writing Pvt. Ltd.


Founder: Renuka Dabhade


Year it was founded: 2017


Sector: Marketing, Advertising and PR


Location: Mumbai, India


It was almost providential that Renuka Dabhade’s work always involved writing since she entered the job market. Even after getting her MBA in finance, she found herself drawn towards work that involved content writing. In her own words, “It was like a meditation”. Deciding to turn this passion into a profession was a natural step, one she undertook in 2017 - ArdourWe Content Writing Pvt. Ltd was born. Based in Mumbai, Renuka and her team have fast garnered a reputation as a content agency that does not compromise on quality. She credits her success as an entrepreneur to her ‘people skills’, having created a motivated team with a low attrition rate despite being a startup.


In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL), Renuka Dabhade (RD) shares her business journey that underlines the importance of the written word.


GL: Tell us about your business.


RD: We, at ArdourWe Content Writing Pvt Ltd., are a 35-member team with an experience of over five years in varied types of writing such as Blogs, Articles, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Chatbots and YouTube scripts, and so on.  


At present, we are working with renowned companies as well as startups in India and are delivering 400+ articles and other write-ups per month. We have, so far, drafted content on various subjects including history/ mythology, astrology, health and related fields, resume and career, business, economy, social media, fashion, and entertainment. Unknowingly my profile always involved content writing. After graduation, I started with the subsidiary of Jet Airways – Trans Continental e-Services (TCeS) in the email team of the airline’s frequent flyer programme.


I, however, believe that it was destiny that encouraged me to venture into the writing domain. This began when I was managing my first denim bags business under the brand name of Denim Over Me. For this, I had, then, opted for reseller model. Thus, most of the tasks were outsourced, that left me a lot of time. To make the most of this time as well as to generate a steady income, I turned towards content writing. In few months, I realised content writing is like a meditation to me; I enjoyed the process tremendously.


By then I was married, and my husband became my strong support system. With his moral support, I registered ArdourWe Content Writing Pvt Ltd. Thus, my business was incorporated in September 2017.


GL: What are the challenges you have faced in establishing your business?


RD: I have grown to realise that the content writing market is tad unorganised. The availability of cheap labor and individual vendors has deteriorated the pricing policies as well as the quality of the content. However, as a registered agency, we have been successfully winning the best of clients.


GL: What are your learnings from being an entrepreneur and heading a team of 35?


RD: As an entrepreneur, you must primarily master ‘people skills’. This will take you to new heights in life. I am, in fact, happy about the fact that our writers stay with us and look forward to receiving more work/ projects from us.


GL: How did you hear of GlobalLinker? How has it helped you?


RD: I have recently signed up on GlobalLinker and am enjoying exploring the different facets of the platform. All thanks to the intriguing mailers that I receive from the GlobalLinker team.


GL: What is your big business dream?


RD: For ArdourWe, my vision is to make it a 100% virtual company with tremendous employment opportunities for the talented workforce of India who, due to several reasons, cannot work full-time or commute to workplaces.


GL: What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?


RD: Stay focused and do not give up, your perseverance will take you there.


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