Online Car Insurance Renewal: 24x7, Instant & No Paperwork

Online Car Insurance Renewal: 24x7, Instant & No Paperwork


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

21 Jan 2015, 15:37 — 4 min read

A prospective consumer would buy a car insurance policy online because of the multiple benefits it offers. These benefits include the elimination of paperwork from the buying process, saving of time and having a reliable source to buy from. Online motor insurance is indeed a boon to the buyer in this busy life.

Earlier, buying motor insurance was comparable to the procedure of buying a car, in terms of the time taken and involvement in the process. Many people felt that the running around and paperwork was a lot to handle. An insurance agent was the only person who could guide on how to get motor insurance. In effect, getting an insurance policy was a lengthy and demanding process. The reason for this was that a lot of documents had to be maintained and the information provided by the insurance holder had to be filled in manually. This resulted in an inconvenient experience. However, times changed once online insurance was introduced.

Since the introduction of online insurance plans people have started accepting insurance policies with enthusiasm. The main reason for this positive interest from the common public in the motor insurance sector is the way insurance ecommerce websites conduct their businesses. In addition to this, websites providing online car insurance policies also ensure that the whole process is as convenient for the consumer as possible.

Car insurance being mandatory in India, has scaled up the market share of online insurance websites. Insurance companies try hard to make the process hassle free and comfortable for the consumers.   

  • Reduced Paperwork
    Renewing a motor insurance policy online means that you will not have to go through a lot of paperwork. Due to the digital format of online policies, the need for paperwork has been eradicated by insurance companies. This makes it easy for you and the company to maintain records.

  • Lesser Time
    Online renewal is almost instantaneous. You receive a confirmation of the completion of the process the moment payment and the relevant information is provided by you. Furthermore, another advantage of online insurance renewal is the fact that it can be done anytime from anywhere as these websites are active and operational twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Higher Reliability
    It is easy to pinpoint the reliable insurance websites. These would have up to date policy information and accurate premium calculation tools. They allow you to compare policies before buying them, so that you can get the benefit of the best deal as well as the required coverage. Not only this, some websites also help you with motormatic reminders so that you do not miss your insurance policy renewal date.

  • Convenient payment options
    Easy billing with multiple payment options make the renewal process quick and hassle free. Cross device compatibility allow you to renew car policy using computer, tablet or mobile.

  • Manage your policy online
    You can print policy anytime, anywhere. Some companies offer discounts when you switch to paperless delivery. You can easily update policy information, track claims status, view transaction history and do more with online insurance services. You need to register once to begin managing your motor insurance policies from your computer or mobile device.


It can be easily surmised that online motor insurance plans, when renewed online, provide the consumer with multiple benefits ranging from saving time and money and minimising the effort needed to continue to safeguard his vehicle from unpleasant situations that would cause a loss.


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