Mondays Have A New Name: They Are Now #EntrepreneurMondays, Exclusively For You

Mondays Have A New Name: They Are Now #EntrepreneurMondays, Exclusively For You

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

12 Oct 2015, 09:34 — 2 min read

As you read this, sitting at your desk, catching up with your work mail and working out the plans for your business that you conceived over the weekend, you are probably laughing.


Because today is ‘Blue Monday’ for many people - but not for you. For you, the start of the work week marks the start of something special: #EntrepreneurMondays. GlobalLinker’s special programme, exclusively for entrepreneurs just like you.


Not only are #EntrepreneurMondays the day you return to your own office to take your own business forward, but they are the day you find the tools to inspire you and help you.


On GlobalLinker’s #EntrepreneurMondays, you read advice grounded in experience to help you grow your business. You find other entrepreneurs like yourself sharing their expertise and learning. You discuss the latest governmental, economic and consumer developments with others like yourself to make good sense of the world around you, and good use of the possible opportunities available. You mentor entrepreneurs with less experience than yourself and are mentored in turn by business owners who understand the best practices of business growth.


No wonder you come charging into your office on Mondays. Because they’re no longer just Mondays. They’re #EntrepreneurMondays, created especially for you.


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