‘Be Innovative. Stay Ahead’ is the motto of this software entrepreneur from Coimbatore

‘Be Innovative. Stay Ahead’ is the motto of this software entrepreneur from Coimbatore

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

2 Dec 2016, 11:12 — 9 min read

The software space in India is one that is highly renowned worldwide and crammed with successful entrepreneurs and established companies. Making a mark in the software space is a challenge as a newcomer. In steps entrepreneur N. Sridhar, who in just under four years has managed to carve a niche in the sector with his software company, Innovatus Systems, doing work for both international and Indian companies from Coimbatore.


In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL), N. Sridhar (NS) shares his passion for creating innovative, customer-centric software solutions.


GL: Tell us about your business and how it came into being.


NS: Innovatus Systems was born at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2013 and we are now in the fourth year, and the venture is growing steadily. Our business is focused on developing one-of-a-kind software projects that have benefited our clients immensely and this is proven by the repeat orders from them. We have both international & Indian clients.


Innovation is a passion for me and I like to try out new ideas even though not all of these may produce results. I know that any new idea takes a long time to implement but that does not stop me from pursuing them. Fortunately, my colleagues also share my belief and support me in my endeavours to contribute to the success of our clients.


While doing software projects, I always advise my colleagues to stay abreast of developments in the mobile app space as I can see the smart phone taking the place of a laptop, even for complex computing. Many of our mobile apps have been created to our customers’ specific requirements focusing on field service management issues.


One of the Mobile Apps developed by us is called Mi_Cards which is available for free download on Play Store, & which can be of immense benefit to all those looking to generate more leads for their business.


As an entrepreneur it is my job to attend various networking sessions. I have often come back from such events with a packet full of business cards. The big question arises: What to do with these cards? Following up with everyone is often forgotten and there is the possibility of losing a good business lead. Also, think about the wastage of paper!


Some years ago, my then boss, bought a business card scanner. It worked but was thrown away after a few weeks because it only added to the workload of his secretary. Since then a substantial amount was spent by him on such card scanners and none worked to his satisfaction. The reason: every business card is different from the other. The shapes, sizes, the arrangement of content, the colours, the fonts, the pictures all vary and are done to the taste of the person whose name is printed on it. In other words there is no standardisation.


Since then I have been thinking of some software that could lessen the pain of handling business cards and that is how Mi_Cards was conceptualised.


Here is a step by step introduction to Mi_Cards.

  • You meet a person in a seminar.
  • After a hello and a handshake, you exchange business cards.
  • Nice card with the designation of your new friend, well embossed. The card must have cost him at least 10 Rupees!
  • You definitely wish to make an impression on him as he is a potential client.
  • This is where Mi_Cards can help.
  • Open the APP in your smart phone. (Make sure it is easy to locate)
  • Write the person’s name and contact number.
  • Click a photo of the card.
  • You can now return the card back to him.
  • Say a ‘Thank You’. Look forward to doing business and move on.
  • The Mi_Cards magic works now!
  • A SMS goes to the person almost immediately. (You can set your own message).
  • The card is emailed to your secretary who can enter the details in your CRM.
  • The contact number and name are saved in your phone contacts list.
  • Your new friend gets your number and name that he can save in his contacts list.
  • The card is also saved in the phone gallery for later access in case you meet the same person again in the seminar.
  • All this can be done in a matter of minutes.


I leave it to you to compare this with your own experience when you exchange business cards.


Other interesting products of ours are our SMSforMe and FieldServicExecs Apps.


The SMSforMe app helps archive important SMS messages for later use. This can be especially helpful for SMSs about credit card usage for example.


The FieldService Execs App is designed specifically for the management of field service executives. It saves cost and time on field service calls which can be tricky. Simple to use, it connects the field personnel to the back office directly handling job allocation and allowing for status updates and on-site photo uploads. This app is especially useful for service executives in rural areas.


GL: What are the challenges you have faced in establishing your business?


NS: Many a time I have been accused of wasting money on projects that never take off. Well, I count only the successes and learn from the failures. My company and I are passionate about innovation and implementing innovative ideas and hence know that not all ideas can succeed.


GL: What is the USP of your business?


NS: Our vision ‘Be Innovative. Stay Ahead’ syncs with our name.


We go the extra mile to provide features for clients’ software that they have not expected and that prove to be of use for them. I have seen software implementations failing because such implementations do not cover the entire spectrum of users. Often the MD has no access to the software but he is the person who may be signing the cheque for payment. In our work, we provide features that cover the operational departments, the middle level management and the senior management also so that everyone benefits.


In short, I can say that the USP of our business is to provide solutions that transform static data as information for strategic decisions and this is made possible by an innovative approach.


GL: What role do you feel GlobalLinker plays in connecting and assisting SMEs?


NS: GlobalLinker was introduced to me when I clicked a check box while booking a ticket on the Jet Airways website. Now I realise it is an effective forum for making contacts, for exchanging new ideas and furthering one’s business. The articles I read in GlobalLinker have enhanced my knowledge on various aspects a great deal.


GL: What is your big business dream?


NS: My passion and dream is to find a way to make life easier for the elderly.


Did you know that there are more than 100 million persons above the age of 60, in our country and the number is increasing. Retirement communities are coming up in a big way and we are developing software for them as well.


Presently we are involved in the development of a product called ‘COMPANION’ that could bring cheer to the several lonely senior citizens in our country. With the joint family system giving way to nuclear families, more and more senior citizens find themselves leading a life of loneliness with their children and grand children far away from them. Adding to this are the challenges to keep pace with fast changing technology. Such a situation can result in depression and other ailments.


My big dream is to develop ‘COMPANION’ as an integrated product not just to connect a senior citizen to his family but also to be as the name implies a true Companion. No amount of money or facilities will match a ‘Good Morning! How are you today?’ for a person living alone and especially a senior citizen. I am determined to bring this idea to life very soon.


GL: What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?


NS: You may have very good ideas. But do you have a business plan to translate these ideas into working products? Have you thought about a business model that could be easily explained to someone who can help you draft a business plan full of financial jargon?


Focus on these aspects. Use time tested methods such as the Business Model Canvas approach. Build a business model that becomes a Business Plan. Only then will you learn how to handle the numerous risks and bottlenecks and speed breakers that you will encounter on your way to success. It has been a hobby for me to conduct seminars on this topic at various places.


I would like to conclude with a favourite quote of mine that I read somewhere. ‘Entrepreneurs do not take risks. They learn how to manage risks’.



Disclaimer: This article is based solely on the inputs shared by the featured member. GlobalLinker does not necessarily endorse the views, opinions & facts stated by the member.


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