How to improve your writing skills?

How to improve your writing skills?

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Cecelia cartwright

Cecelia cartwright

24 Aug 2021, 10:30 — 4 min read

Learning various techniques for improving writing skills is not as difficult as it sounds. Even if you don't think of yourself as a writer, you express more ideas in the text than you think. Now, improving your writing is just realising what you can do to make your text more organised and make your copy clear and easy to read in a conversational style.


It is okay to recreate the stream of consciousness when you write a diary, essay or anything, but if you really want to communicate with others, you need to sort out the chaotic thoughts. Here are some tips.


Arrange your writing structure

Make sure you are clear about the concept you are writing. If your writing goal is to achieve a specific result, ask yourself what the result should be. Before you start writing, have a clear purpose. Then stick to it. If the message is complicated, delete it from the list. Writing a normal text message does not require much thought organisation, but if you are writing more complex content with multiple angles, questions, or requests, please sort all of them first. You sit down and write. Making an outline, or even just taking some short notes on the topics you want to cover, can save you time in answering clarification questions later. And talked about the problem.


Solve the reader's problem in advance
Improving writing skill means putting yourself in the position of the reader. Do they have enough context to understand what you write to them? If not, please fill in the blanks. But..


Don't explain everything too much
If you take the time to organise your ideas in advance, you should be able to make things easier. The idea is to allow your readers to understand what you are communicating without overwhelming them with trivial details. If you find yourself in the jungle with more details than you need, review each message and ask if it helps your readers understand your message. If not, please get rid of it.


Strengthen your writing
Sometimes we write while talking, which can be a good thing. It keeps our writing conversational (more on that later). But sloppy, long text can make your text difficult to read and make people feel that you lack faith. Start practicing these skills to improve your writing skills.


Eliminate filler words and phrases
Some words appear in our writing all the time, but they don't contribute much to anything. Although these filler words and phrases sometimes add color and even meaning, most of the time they only add confusion.


Make your writing more conversational
Stick to simple words. There is a difference between having a rich vocabulary and adding million-dollar words in your writing just to show off. Unless you intend to be poetic, please keep your language simple and straightforward.


Keep your sentences simple
Literary masters can write long and complex sentences with style. Why not you? Well, first of all, you might not try to write like Tolstoy, Nabokov, or Faulkner. Short, less complex sentences are easier to read. Keep it simple! But change the length of the sentence to make your writing smooth.


The best way to improve writing is to first understand what is weakening it, and then focus on fixing (and ultimately preventing) the failure. The more you write, edit and review, the better you will do.


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