How a Vision for Good Nutrition Can Fuel Your Career and Business

How a Vision for Good Nutrition Can Fuel Your Career and Business

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Karen Aroney

Karen Aroney

2 Mar 2016, 10:30 — 6 min read

We have all heard of the term that ‘Health is Wealth’, however, how often do you apply this to your daily life, or even recognise its importance? Not surprisingly, most employers will agree that a healthy worker is an efficient worker, but for entrepreneurs or small business owners, other priorities take precedence over good health in the quest for productivity and success.


Healthy, nutritious meals, and regular work-outs are key to a better professional life. As an entrepreneur, one should also be able to make sound business plans - only possible when the mind is fueled by good food and movement, and therefore focused towards the business goal.


On the contrary, obese and unhealthy employees tend to be absent more often, and suffer from poor work performance. 24/7 maintenance of a healthy diet, and a stringent exercising schedule is also tough, and can seem almost impossible due to our busy schedules, back-to-back meetings, frequent business travels, client meets, irregular eating habits, and lack of leisure time.  However, nutrition and exercise play a critical role when it comes to your career and your business. 


Creating a Vision for Health is as Important as Making Important Business Decisions


Entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives, tend to approach a business project through proper dedication, strategy, and discipline, in order to attain a successful outcome. This same approach is also required when it comes to attaining healthier life. Dedication and perseverance is the key. Busy entrepreneurs or small-to-medium business owners do not opt for numerous sick leave days, or surrender to mood swings when it comes to running their business, but can find themselves falling subject to these issues if their health is not a focus.


Understand Your Requirements


It is essential to regulate the intake of proper nutritious food in-order to stay healthy and fit. Avoiding processed grains and a low-fat diet could be an ideal start. Choosing whole-grain products offer a range of health benefits. The body needs an adequate intake of good fat over bad fat. A low-fat diet never helps. Red-meat such as beef and lamb are unhealthy sources of protein. Instead opt for fish, poultry, lentils, and nuts which are good sources of protein. Read more at:  


Create a Schedule


In order to succeed in business every entrepreneur and business owner creates a schedule for business meetings, calls, and other interactions with clients and employees. The same is applicable when it comes to eating healthy and exercising.


Here’s a few exercising regimes which could seamlessly align with your otherwise busy schedule:


1. Travelling Frequently?


Swimming at your hotel pool is an all-round exercise. It helps in building endurance, cardiovascular strength and muscle strength. Swimming helps in maintaining healthy heart, lungs and weight.


2. Busy with Meetings?


Opting to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator is a better option.It provides exercise for the heart, lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol and raises good (HDL) cholesterol.


3. Too Lethargic After a Hectic Day?


Opt for indoor exercises like yoga or Pilates which help build strength and develop flexibility, and you can do in the comfort of your hotel room. Ensure that you get at least the minimum amount of exercise (typically 30-60 mins per day), or access to healthy food even when you are out of town. 


Following a Successful Strategy


As an entrepreneur or small business owner derive a business plan, following it through to ensure each milestone is met and successful, in the same way, keeping a track of your progress is also essential when it comes to exercise and eating a healthy diet.


Tracking your food and exercise in your diary helps you stay on top of what energy is consumed versus what energy is expended (just like a Profit and Loss Statement!). Monitor your weight so you weekly in order to measure if your diet and exercise routine is benefiting you. Avoid alcohol because alcoholic beverages like spirits and beer tend to add on extra ‘empty’ calories. If you are not sure about the exercises which you need to follow, check out this great post from one of our fitness partners.


What Can You Do Now?


Staying healthy and fit, will allow you to better succeed in your role as an employee, executive, entrepreneur, or small business owner, by providing you with increased concentration, focus and energy. 


If you have been struggling to lose weight, find it hard to make time to formulate a daily routine for health and fitness, or traveling is keeping you busy and away from home, an online nutrition programme such as ExecFuel provides you with invaluable information, such as videos, downloadables and infographics on how to maintain a healthy routine, by eating right and performing quick and effective exercises. You can even keep healthy while entertaining clients and attending corporate events. The ExecFuel programme is the non-diet approach from the comfort of your laptop or mobile 24/7.


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