Helping firms stay relevant in an evolving digital & economic landscape

Helping firms stay relevant in an evolving digital & economic landscape

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

5 May 2017, 09:05 — 4 min read

One of the biggest concerns of any business is how to stay relevant and agile with rapid changes in the digital economy and new reforms like GST being introduced.

SAVIC Technologies, led by  Senthilkumar was founded in 2016 with the aim to help businesses keep pace with the evolving digital & economic landscape. Their services include expert consultancy to improve productivity in a digital economy; enabling firms to transition to GST seamlessly & simplifying their clients’ business models.


With the aim of increasing their business services, SAVIC is looking to grow with the strength of its team and agility as an organisation.


In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL) Senthilkumar Subramanian (SS) shares the journey of his firm.


GL: Tell us about your business.

SS: At SAVIC Technologies we have a team of experienced technocrats who draw their collective experience from over a hundred successful implementations globally, in diverse industry verticals. SAVIC in essence represents the aggregate skill set of each team player. Our business model is to study, what we call ‘manifest’ and then ‘mentor’ or guide our client with expertise. The end goal is to encourage a digital transformation that enables business ‘maturation’.


Our endeavour is to achieve everlasting customer engagement by integrating business and technology solutions in a seamless way. One of our recent offerings is the SAVIC GST solution that helps businesses get compliant with the new law and ensures that businesses benefit from the GST vision.


GL: What are the challenges you have faced in establishing your business?


SS: Our challenges are ongoing. We have to organise ourselves as per the needs of our clients so that we can provide them with the best services. Our promise is to introduce the best processes, supporting tools and help the organisation adapt to the changes we institute. It is also a challenge to deal with and balance the organisational changes caused by our growth while providing quality services to our customers.


GL: What is the USP of your business?


SS: Our USP is local presence with global expertise. We function as neighbours to every one of our customers by providing a centrally located talent pool that is working towards their wellbeing.


GL: What are some of the milestones of your business?


SS:  In just 9 months since our inception we have worked in 11 regions. We have 55 clients. We were the first to go live on SAP S/4HANA 1610 in India.


GL: What role do you feel GlobalLinker plays in connecting & assisting SMEs?


SS: GlobalLinker provides SAVIC Technologies and other SMEs a platform to network, which could lead to business opportunities


GL: What is your big business dream?


SS: Our growth targets for the next five years are very clearly mapped out. We would like to grow 3 times in our second year, 5 times in our third year, 15 times in our fourth year, 30 times in our fifth year. We seek exponential growth.


GL: What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?


SS: My message to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple - chase your dream.


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