Hard Work - The Key to Solving All Problems

Hard Work - The Key to Solving All Problems


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

23 Mar 2015, 15:51 — 3 min read

A common factor that binds all entrepreneurs is their passion to work hard to ensure that their business grows and flourishes. In fact, the hallmark of most successful people is hard work and tenacity.

When you are running your own venture, your success or failure is dependent entirely upon you. Initially, you need to work exceptionally hard to get your business off the ground. Once your business is established, you need to continue to work hard to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Successful entrepreneurs realise that running a business is a 24x7 commitment.

An interesting facet of working hard is that people who are focused on their goal, enjoy their hard work and consequently, the work does not seem that arduous to them. Hard work is also the key that unlocks your potential. Simply having dreams or great ideas is not enough. Hard work is the foundation on which your ideas take shape and you can create value in life.

As a business owner, if you are willing to work very hard, you will greatly improve your odds of success. At GlobalLinker, we salute this spirit of entrepreneurs to work hard and bring to you an inspiring poem that is a paean to work.


 Man is nothing,
he can do nothing,
Achieve nothing,
full fill nothing

Work is man’s most dependable function.

If you are poor – WORK, If you are rich – WORK.
If failure discourages you – WORK. If success encourages you – WORK.
You have been burdened with unfair responsibilities – WORK.
You have been entrusted with deserving responsibilities – WORK.
You have not been paid fairly – WORK.  
You have been paid handsomely – WORK.
When dreams are shattered – WORK. 
When hope seems dead – WORK.

WORK is the greatest STRESS – BUSTER.
WORK is the best BOREDOM – BEATER.
WORK is equally effective DISEASE – FIGHTER.

If you neglect your WORK, you invite worry, fear, doubt and debt.

WORK is the greatest solution for all the problems.




Source:  Notable Quotes & Noble Thoughts  By Shyamal Bhattacharjee


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