Get their attention (and their business) this festive season

Get their attention (and their business) this festive season


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

25 Sep 2019, 10:02 — 3 min read

Background: As the festive season dawns on us and many businesses plan their marketing and promotional activities, we should not undermine the role of great quality images in websites, marketing activities and social media posts. In the age of over stimulation, great quality images can convey more and are retained better by viewers. But the imperative thing is to have access to a great source of images.


Festivals and traditions are at the heart of any country. And especially India, where language and culture change every 100 kms. Is this a boon for a business or a bane? A quick look at the marketing calendar of India, a business can rejoice at being given so many micro-opportunities to connect with their customers, either with a post on social media or an offer or a TVC.

Businesses try everything to engage customers from offering record margins to festive campaigns to boost sales. As a small business, one is always finding a low cost/ cost effective way to engage and get the attention of a consumer and one can’t think of an easier way to attract attention than by using high quality emotive pictures.


High quality images can engage customers and boost sales in festive season


Its simple. A social media post, marketing campaign or website with poor quality, irrelevant and outdated images, will put off a customer. But on the other hand, great quality images help engage customers, keep them on your website/ social media page longer and entice them to look around your website for more time (also known as lowering bounce rate) which gives you more chances to convert them into leads and thus into sales. Evidence backs this too. Did you know our attention span in the digital age is less than 9 seconds and to put that into perspective, it is shorter than a goldfish’s?  Yay. Not. Pictures thus tend to get 10 times more engagement on social media. Add the fact that people only remember 10% of what they hear, but remember 65% ofthe information in  relevant image 3 days later makes the case for using great pictures to attract your customers. 


As a business your time is better spent on other things than in finding high quality pictures which are royalty free-high quality-apt and easily available. We at GlobalLinker, have found great success in using pictures that capture the exhilaration, angst, joy, and emotion of SMEs. And because we believe in growing stronger together, we would like to offer the resource we use ourselves and that too at a discount. Visit & claim your 10% off for first month of subscription packages with promo code GL10SSTK


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