Enjoy the Big Business Advantage

Enjoy the Big Business Advantage

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

19 Jan 2015, 12:33 — 3 min read

As entrepreneurs, we cherish dreams of achieving greater business success. At GlobalLinker, we realise that though you maybe a Small or Medium Enterprise owner, your dreams are not small or medium. We help you achieve business growth and enjoy the Big Business Advantage. Here are some practical tips from GlobalLinker, Biz Forum articles to make your business flourish.


  1. Building a Responsive & Resilient Business Plan
    Writing a business plan will help entrepreneurs systematically articulate their core business idea and convey their vision to potential investors. Firms that are looking to expand their scope, attract employees, engage with suppliers or improve company management must create and leverage business plans.

  2. Marketing Strategy for a Small Business Owner
    In a crowded market place, the effectiveness and strength of a marketing strategy will determine the success of the product or service. As compared to large corporations, small businesses often have limited budgets, so it is essential to have a sound marketing plan that is creative and cost-effective.

  3. Build Your Business Online Identity
    An online presence is one of the most important assets for a business. Websites serve as the most economical and useful form of advertising for a business. In fact, even a simple website can work as an online brochure for a venture.

  4. Employee Engagement is the Secret for Small Businesses to Stay Productive & Make Money
    According to a Hay Group Study, when employees are engaged in the company business, they’re less likely to jump ship, they’ll be more productive and they’ll make the company more money.

  5. Money & Time Saving Business Travel Tips
    According to a report, small businesses spend almost 24 percent more on business travel than large corporations. GlobalLinker is the answer to all your business travel needs. By leveraging GlobalLinker features, business travel becomes efficient and more rewarding.

  6. Lean Business
    A lean company is about ‘right-sizing’ an organisation and about managing expenses smartly – doing more with less. It is often misunderstood as pure ‘cost-cutting’, which it is not. Businesses are built for the long term and truly lean organisations win in the long term.

  7. Safeguard Your Business Against These 7 Risks
    A business is often vulnerable to risks arising from unforeseen eventualities. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to protect yourself against these risks.



Do share with us your tips for running a successful business.




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