Embracing innovative technology will be empowering in the New Year believes this entrepreneur

Embracing innovative technology will be empowering in the New Year believes this entrepreneur

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Sridhar Narayanaswamy

Sridhar Narayanaswamy

4 Jan 2017, 10:36 — 3 min read

Let us welcome the New Year with a resolution that we will do even better in the New Year, in business, in personal life and in upholding our values.

As a software entrepreneur, my immediate thoughts naturally are about providing state-of-the-art innovative software solutions for our customers.  It is just no longer enough to wait for the customers to come up with their requirements, rather one must also be able to approach them with new ideas which will benefit them and society at large.

For example, we intend to talk to our customers, mostly from the SME segment, about how they can make use of Business Analytics in deciphering meaning out of the enormous data that they have collected over the years.

I know many of the readers may be users of software and not vendors of software and hence let me take a different approach here.


With the digital less-cash economic initiatives becoming the order of the day, I believe that one must embrace such new technology and educate oneself on the benefits and pitfalls. This will enable you to be ahead of the competition that may be slow in adopting new technology.

The new trend is to be able to do business 24x7 from anywhere, courtesy the Internet and Mobile. A business will be successful, if they implement new processes that will enable them to be open all the time instead of putting a Business Hourssign-board.

Many organisations must have rich experience and knowledge gathered in their line of business over the years. But such knowledge may not be even shared within the organisation and thus a vacuum is created when someone senior leaves. All the experience goes away with them having to Reinvent the Wheelagain. What a waste of time.  I have seen this happen in some organisations closely known to me. Think about creating a knowledge and experience bank. Collate all information in some manner.  

Though I am not a soothsayer, I think those organisations that provide products and services that have some empathyattached will have a great market in the coming year. For example, if an organisation develops new products for senior citizens of the country, making their life simple and enjoyable, there is a big market to be reached.

I thank GlobalLinker for encouraging me and providing me a platform to share my thoughts.

I wish everyone including the team, the members and the avid readers of GlobalLinker a very Happy New Year.



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