DNA of a coach

DNA of a coach

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Subash CV

Subash CV

24 May 2018, 14:43 — 4 min read

Summary: The essence of a 'coach' explained by leadership coach Subash CV.


Coaching fascinates me. Pure, classical coaching. Through coaching, the trainee may move from their current state to a more resourceful state. I love this definition of coaching for its simplicity.


What is the DNA of a coach? I have thought about this for the last few days. Here is an attempt to elucidate my thoughts. I will make ‘Coach’ an acronym to explain what coaching entails.


C: It has to be 'Coaching'. Not training, telling, advising, mentoring, counselling, delegating, instructing, or any variant thereof. Coaching starts with the awareness that the coachee is complete. S/he has solutions to all problems, clarity for all situations. The coach is just there to co-create with the coachee a future that s/he wants to manifest. For the coach, it is coaching from a state of being.


O: Outcome is integral to the coaching process. The goal is to improve overall engagement over a period of time and also in every individual session. Session outcomes makes coaching different from a 'coffee-table discussion' (transactional) vis-a-vis a transformational shift. Why settle for anything less? Goal clarification is one of most important part of a coaching conversation. As Sir John Whitmore would add, the goal has to be not only Smart, but also ‘Clear’ and ‘Pure’. I always love to add it has to move from the head to the heart! The mind comes with its ego, whereas at heart-level, we find unconditional love.


A: Like a goal or outcome, Action is another unique, powerful feature of coaching. It is the way forward to a state of customer's choice. Based on where the client wants to go, at a pace of his/her choice. The destination & the journey are the client's choice, still outside comfort zone. Challenging is a key competency at this stage. It has been rightly said, ’Act like a leader, think like a leader'


C: Second 'C' has to be 'Client-specific'. I have spent a lifetime trying to discover the many virtues of being client-centric. Here the coach has no choice to be focussed on the client, in totality. That alone guarantees the best form of coaching.


H: My first thought for this stage was the shift from the ‘what’ to ‘who’?. Perhaps that was a result of my having an analytical mind. Reflecting deeper, I felt it has to be ‘Head to Heart'. This is the journey for the client. Moving from the head to a heart-powered confluence of IQ, EQ and SQ (Spiritual quotient).


Coach from a state of being. Progress and bliss will be guaranteed for you and the coachee.


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