Celebrating Diwali with your work family

Celebrating Diwali with your work family

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

23 Oct 2019, 12:34 — 4 min read

As entrepreneurs or business owners, we often spend more time at the work place than we do at home, especially in the early or growth days of our business. And thus, celebrating big holidays especially like Diwali with your employees is special. Even though the pressures of work remain omnipresent not withstanding any holiday, one must take a moment to recognise that your employees will appreciate the celebrations. But celebrations don’t have to be big or expensive. Small gestures sometimes go a longer way.


Here is a list of ideas that is guaranteed to bring everyone into the holiday spirit.


Flexibility at work

Sometimes the biggest and best gifts are free. Most employees like to get extra time off or at least some flexibility to work from home, come in late or leave early this time of the year. Encourage them to take responsibility of their priorities, meet their goals and and manage their time as they deem fit. May be ask them to take time off now, but to make it up in the coming weeks.  Recognise that just like you have a family to celebrate with, they too would like to do the same – and there is no bigger gift that you can give, than the gift of time. 


Even though the pressures of work remain omnipresent not withstanding any holiday, one must take a moment to recognise that your employees will appreciate the celebrations.

Giving out rewards

If there is a reward or incentive programme you wanted to roll out for you employees, the festive season is the right time to do so. Giving them a stake in the company’s progress makes them more invested in its growth. Even if giving out a bonus or a gift, have a small celebration around it, greet your employees personally and make them feel appreciated.


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Get their opinion

This is a good time to ask them how they would be like to rewarded next year. Sometimes we assume that we know what the employees want. Give them some options and let them pick. To be given a gift that you genuinely want makes one appreciate it a lot more.

The gift of recognition

Giving out awards of appreciation, with or without a small gift, gives employees a sense that they are appreciated, and their work is recognised. Sometimes we assume that our employees know what they mean to us, but don’t do anything about it. Give out certificates of appreciation, host a thank you dinner for their family and make them feel seen. Do this for employees, regardless of title. That manager who puts in extra hours, the office boy who brings you tea or the mailman who brings in the cheques, celebrate with everyone.


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Celebrate small everyday

Sometimes one big party does the trick but sometimes you can do something small everyday for a period of time to show your appreciation. May be a hearty breakfast for the week of Diwali, may be an hour off early everyday to be made up by one working Saturday, or may be a small gift for the family given each day. Small reminders given often sometimes have a bigger impact than one big gesture and are often less expensive on the pocket too.

Make it fun

Organise a day of celebrations in office where people come dressed in their fineries, deck up their working spaces and have some people be the judge to give out prizes. This not only inculcates a feeling of fun and frolic, but also encourages communications and sense of community across departments and employees.


Needless to say, celebrating any festival with your work family nurtures team spirit and a sense of belonging. A small effort on your end can make a large impact in the hearts and minds of your employees. Happy festive time from our work family to yours!


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