Benefits of using global barcodes

Benefits of using global barcodes

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

1 Apr 2021, 12:45 — 3 min read

GS1 is the only provider of authentic, globally recognised barcodes. This implies that if you apply GS1 barcodes to your product, your product can be identified and scanned all over the world. GS1 ensures that the barcodes you receive are unique and are registered in the GS1 Global Trade Number Registry.


Using a common set of standards leads to quicker and more efficient task completion. Since 1974, GS1 standards have become the backbone for some of the world’s biggest industries, saving time and effort by reducing administration, tedious paperwork and repetitive manual tasks.


The GS1 provides a number of crucial advantages for you and your company in the realm of worldwide trade. ​ These have the ability to not only help you trade better and smarter but can also fast-track the growth of your business, both at home and globally.


1.Trusted, unique, universal

The GS1 has been used for more than 40 years as a worldwide reference point for product identification across multiple industries. Your GS1 codes uniquely identifies three things: the country where your product was licenced, your company and the product itself. Everyone in your supply chain uses one interoperable system and this compatibility facilitates tracking. Your GS1 and accompanying barcode can be scanned and is recognised anywhere in the world


2.Help in growing your business

GS1 barcodes help enormously in growing your business.With GS1 you can avail of more business opportunities with:

  • Retailers
  • E-tailers (online)
  • Exports worldwide

Moreover, it ensures better compliance to regulatory requirements, in terms of:

  • Product recall
  • Traceability
  • Counterfeit detection

3.Enhanced product visibility

GS1 barcodes guarantee greater product visibility in the following ways

  • Better search rankings
  • Helps you identify as an “Original Brand Owner”
  • Differentiates between of genuine listings from fake listings
  • Increased product visibility among prospective buyers
  • Verified by GS1


4.Increased Operational Efficiency

GS1 greatly enhances your operational efficiency by ensuring:

  • Time-saving
  • Less error
  • Accurate dispatches
  • Faster dispatches
  • Speedy billing
  • Faster product look-up through better warehouse management
  • Reduced loss due to dumping and expiries


Barcoding is becoming a mainstay for leading businesses around the world. Experience the myriad benefits of barcoding with GS1.


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