Are You A Professional? Stay Secured Against Risks

Are You A Professional? Stay Secured Against Risks


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

8 Sep 2015, 16:09 — 4 min read

Professionals have a lot on their mind. They are more often than not, the think-tank behind their business.

Professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, and Directors and Officers of Firms constantly take several important decisions. They have to be extremely competitive and efficient because their clients expect nothing but the best. In a world of cut-throat competition, a minor mistake can cost a lot.

Types of Risk Faced By a Professional:

  • Personal Risk
    As a professional, can you protect yourself against errors in judgment? There is no doubt that your intellectual ability is your biggest asset, but demanding situations can induce trivial errors.

    Being a person at the helm comes with its share of trials and tribulations. There are many cases where Directors and Officers are dragged to court over trivial matters. Such events can cripple ones mindset and derail the personal and professional life.

  • Team Risk
    Professionals like Lawyers, Doctors and Chartered Accountants also need to safeguard the interest of their teams. After all, these team members are an invaluable part of their professional setup. A mishap with a key member can ultimately lead to a setback for the organisation.

  • Client Risk
    Clients trust professionals and share sensitive information with them. It is then the professional’s responsibility that such information is safeguarded at all times. Client records and critical data are at risk during natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and other calamities.

Even seepage of water into warehouses, attack by rodents or termites can cause irreparable loss of data. A tiny spark can result in a raging fire and engulf an entire work floor within minutes. That is why office equipment like computers and other electronic items need to be insured along with other business critical tools and machines. Your clients would also like to work with you when they know that the continuity, secrecy, and security of their case are safeguarded.

Stay Secured Against Professional Risks:

You can stay secured by opting for an insurance plan that safeguards you, your team, and your assets from unforeseen circumstances. However, before such eventualities arise, it is recommended that you follow the 2-step method to protect your business from losses:

Step 1: Analyse various aspects of your business model to narrow down facets vulnerable to professional risks.

Step 2: Promptly safeguard your personal and business interests from monetary expenses that may arise in future by buying an apt insurance cover.

Insurance policies like Group Health and Group Personal Accident offer financial support for medical and other emergencies to team members thereby benefiting you in the long run. If you are insured, with a Directors and Officers liability policy, the pressure of ‘what if I make an error?’ will no longer haunt you. Ensure peace of mind so that you can operate to the best of your abilities and be efficient at your work.

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