6 ways being an entrepreneur guarantees freedom

6 ways being an entrepreneur guarantees freedom


Sanjay Lalwani

Sanjay Lalwani

13 Aug 2016, 10:00 — 2 min read

15th August, Independence Day of our nation is once again round the corner. We take pride in and salute our freedom fighters who fought valiantly for our freedom. I believe that much like our freedom struggle, entrepreneurship is also a kind of war we wage with ourselves to experience the freedom and satisfaction of accomplishing our dreams.

Entrepreneurship is a voyage of discovery, where you follow your heart, discover hidden treasures in the form of your own vast potential, and persevere on this long and arduous adventure.

The proverbial pot of gold that entrepreneurship offers at the end of the rainbow is independence in the truest sense of the word.

Here are 6 ways I believe one enjoys independence as an entrepreneur:

1. Freedom to make your own decisions, following your gut & instinct. Being an entrepreneur allows you to create an environment where independence is cultivated and nurtured in the team.

2. Freedom to select what you want to work on and who you want to work with.

3. As an entrepreneur you become the creator, survivor or destroyer of your working environment. Naturally this freedom comes with tremendous responsibility to yourself and your team.

4. Freedom to conceptualize, analyze, strategise, plan and finally implement, everything your own way.

5. Entrepreneurship helps you explore and expand your innate potential. It enables you to know your capabilities and see opportunities where others may not.

6. The satisfaction that one derives from being an entrepreneur, gives you a real taste of freedom!


Although, freedom is one of the highest motivation factors to tread the path of entrepreneurship, one should think carefully before taking this path…for with independence, responsibility and accountability comes complimentary. 


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