4 Things You Need to Succeed in Maintaining Awesome Health

4 Things You Need to Succeed in Maintaining Awesome Health

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ExecFuel Editorial Staff

ExecFuel Editorial Staff

11 May 2016, 10:14 — 7 min read

The focus today is on weight loss and good overall health, but busy executives find it difficult to fall into a pattern that enables them to achieve this. Here are a few pointers to help you get in control again of good health. They involve mindful eating, exercise, and following a protein-rich meal plan that will help you to put on muscle and reduce body fat – all contributing to awesome health.


1.     Create A Meal Plan

You don’t have to be a spectacular cook; all you need is a bit of imagination and the right ingredients. However, what you need to do is take some time out, even if you are a busy executive, to create a quick and effective meal plan for the week. Use an online board such as Pinterest, or write your plan manually. Ensure that the food you intend to cook has sufficient protein, which will help to build muscle, once you combine it with a proper exercise plan.

If you are an organized planner and list-maker, half your battle is won. Schedule your gym days, and when to create a meal plan. Setting your goals and plotting them in your weekly calendar will help you to get things done according to your plan, and on time. Organizing and planning your goals can be especially useful during travel and while eating on the road.


2.     Exercise – The Key To Good Health

Many people might think that 30 minutes isn’t enough time to make a difference, but actually, it is enough. For quick but effective exercise, try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT combines cardio with strength training for an efficient workout strategy that works the entire body while also burning lots of calories.

There is also lot of value in walking which is something you do all day, every day without realizing it and without the supervision of a fitness trainer. You can just increase the amount of walking in your day-to-day activities to reduce body fat in a gradual manner in the following ways:

  • Pace around while taking phone calls
  • Walking to eat lunch outside
  • Walk part of the way to office or home
  • Be the one to walk the dog as much as possible
  • Do a bit of bending and stretching, every time you visit the restroom
  • Spend some time with your kids with a bit of ball playing

3.     Build A Strong Team

Learning how to live healthier may need some interaction with others. Joining an online program, a fitness training group, a group that follows ‘mindful eating’, or simply participating in health related blogs and forums, can connect you with other like-minded executives and professionals, and provide support for healthy living. You can also recruit your other office colleagues to create a nutrition and fitness group and hold each other accountable to get the results required. These points may also help you to set health goals, and support you to achieve them.

By accepting support of others who have similar goals, you will be able to adopt a more focused attitude to succeed in maintaining awesome health. You need to have strong support from those close to you who are around you constantly like your family, colleagues at work, or good friends. Share your goals with them. Even your doctor can help to keep you on track of your exercise and fitness program. The advantages of the above are:

  • Feel motivated
  • Feel the need to show your progress
  • Not want to let someone down by quitting
  • Get moral support
  • Recruit help/get inspired in preparing meal plans and recipes

4.     The ExecFuel Program

The ExecFuel program, created by Karen Aroney, was created for busy executives who do not have much time to create their own special nutrition plan due to their high-pressure jobs. The ExecFuel program is a 6-week step-by-step online nutrition program which is easy to follow, and aims at energy-generating nutrition for professionals who are up against many opposing forces that keep them from following a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. The main features of the program are:

  • Fast, simple and tasty recipes
  • Can be adjusted for varied work environments
  • Good for busy executives are too busy to visit a health professional
  • Round the clock access to the program
  • 6 simple, easy to follow modules
  • Useful instructional videos
  • Downloadable information
  • Allows buys executives to restore energy and live healthier.

The ExecFuel program was created from the results of research that revealed that frequent work travel leads to increased health risks, such as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, and obesity.

Research reveals that there is a likelihood of obesity occurring in 33% of non-travelers and 92% of extensive travelers. By participating in the ExecFuel program, a person is able to take control of their own life by simply controlling their health, each time they travel for work.

It has been proved that those who do regular work travel, experience a disruption of the normal routine. If you do not make healthy choices, it can result in consuming junk food during meetings and seminars. As a result, you may:

  • Feel you are unable to manage your health or fitness routine
  • Confusion around the types of snacks that you can choose which are easy and healthy
  • Are unsure about maintaining good health while dining out during work travel
  • Feel the need of a program to get you back on track


The ExecFuel program has gathered momentum recently, so if you want to follow the path to good health, register today to get the benefits of the program, as there are limited slots available. you can verify that you qualify for registering for the program by downloading the free checklist.

Start following these four simple steps for maintaining awesome health today, and see how your entire approach to living a healthier lifestyle will change for the better. Once you get a system in place, you will see the results through stronger physical and mental fitness, and your overall wellbeing and happiness.

Article & image source: http://execfuel.net/2016/04/21/4-things-you-need-to-succeed-in-maintaining-awesome-health/



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