4 must have qualities for financial risk managers to succeed

4 must have qualities for financial risk managers to succeed

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Vinod Chandran

Vinod Chandran

22 Sep 2020, 15:03 — 4 min read

A successful risk manager is known to adopt a holistic approach and offers an in-depth focus on market risk, credit risk and other finance and investment-related areas. Core finance knowledge is very strong for risk professionals and corporates understand the knowledge base. Risk managers automatically become preferred resources for organisations.


The top qualities of a successful Financial Risk Manager are-


Financial domain sharpness 

Financial risk managers are known to be proficient in market risk or credit risk, but along with it, you can expect to gain knowledge of numbers. You may expect to get exposure in using multiple financial tools. Financial risk managers are known to understand financial acumen through in-depth knowledge of financial indicators which are tied to the firm’s assets business lines, platforms, regions, markets, regulations and stakeholders.


The experience of risk managers matter a lot and depending on seniority they may be expected to manage the department’s P&L, time, resources and funding. Along with experience FRM training in India will enable you to gain knowledge of translating ambiguous objectives into key risk indicators or KRI’s. Mastering risk management helps you make smart and quick decisions.


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Detail orientation

Whatever category of risk management you specialise in, as a professional risk manager, you have to possess analytical skills and have an eye for details. Once you rise up the corporate ladder and are in the stakeholder role, you must broaden the scope of operations widely through your experience and observation. Hence it becomes crucial to have good attention to detail and never lose sight of smaller aspects.


When you rise in your role, you might have to manage people along with your firm’s business objectives, your department P&L and the firm’s potential top risks. All your experience and FRM training will aid your attention to details, which will help you manage urgent situations and cover necessary aspects properly.


Market and general knowledge

The ability to stand strong and long in the market is to have explored the power of information. Risk managers must be comfortable in dealing with market information they operate in like finance, insurance, energy, retail etc. It is important to gain knowledge of aspects such as – corporate governance; enterprise risk management; information and security risk; market and credit risk; regulatory risk; operational and technology risk; business continuity management etc.


It is expected for risk managers to understand broad business issues and be proficient in specific disciplines such as market risk, credit risk or operational risk.


Good management skills

Proficient risk managers know how to thrive and perform under pressure. They must know how to make quick decisions and grasp information in the middle of a stressful time. It’s difficult to strike a balance and hence some successful risk managers attain balance by working on self-improvement and seeking professional assistance.


FRM training in India will prepare you to acquire the key qualities for success – understand the domain knowledge well enough and be able to apply it practically in this field is.


If you think you can do it, absolutely go for it with a positive mind frame!


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