12 payment gateways for Indian entrepreneurs

12 payment gateways for Indian entrepreneurs


Sanjukta Chakraborty

Sanjukta Chakraborty

11 Jul 2019, 10:34 — 14 min read

Today almost every business in India is online or is considering going online. While no one needs any more convincing regarding the benefits of selling online, one is almost always confused as to which sales channel on should take for best results.

Now while the decision to sell via either marketplace or your own online store is a complex one, Summi Gambhir – CXO and Co-founder of GLobalLinker  will simplify the decision for you in her upcoming webinar on July 18th at 11:00 am IST (Register here). But regardless of which sales channel is best for your business, the one aspect of online selling – payment gateways are something anyone venturing into online selling should be knowledgeable about. Afterall, the seemingly small charges, registration fees and surcharges could all be something that eat into your profits if you are not prudent and scrupulous. 

Now while the decision to sell via either marketplace or your own online store is a complex one, Summi Gambhir – CXO and Co-founder of GLobalLinker  will simplify the decision for you in her upcoming webinar on July 18th at 11:00 am IST.

A payment gateway is a software that connects the merchant’s e-commerce website to his bank and redirects the customers to a secure location where they can feed in their card details for all their current and future online transactions. But before you blindly choose a payment gateway option, take a look at the ideal features you need to look for while choosing one:

  • Ideally, the payment gateway should be from the same country/location as your business is set up in.
  • It is very important to know the setup cost before choosing a payment gateway especially for SMEs who operate on stringent budget.
  • The time taken to activate your account.
  • The technology behind the payment gateway should provide you with a seamless user interface and a great after sales support.
  • Proper monitoring of payouts and timely issue of refunds.
  • The payment gateway should be able to track your payments and provide business insights as well.

Now that you know what are the important features an ideal payment gateway should provide, let’s take a look at the payment gateways available for Indian e-commerce owners.

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12 payment gateways for Indian e-commerce owners:

As a business owner, it is imperative that you make an informed decision of choosing the right payment processor option while setting up your e-store. Here are some popular payment gateway options you can choose from. Please note that the list is no specific order.

Razor pay

One of the most widely used payment gateway options by small and medium sized enterprises; Razorpay provides an easy integration with no paperwork and a complete online onboarding option. Its unique features include:

  • Quick onboarding: As mentioned above, no paper work is required and the onboarding is done online with some quick easy-to-follow steps.
  • Super easy integration: They have plugins across major platforms and languages.
  • API driven: API stands for Application Programming Interface and this feature allows you to automate important tasks without any supervision.
  • Easy pricing structure: Razorpay has two options for pricing, the standard plan and the enterprise plan namely. The standard plan is specifically designed for startups and small and medium enterprises.
  • Great customer support: A highly efficient chat and telephonic support.
  • A wide range of payment modes: Razorpay accepts both domestic and international cards in addition to UPI, mobile wallet, EMI and net banking.

Razor pay is the chosen payment gateway for all Linker.store members, an free e-commerce platform providing online sellers with all the tools and features required to build your own e-store. This way Linker.store owners don't need to set-up, register or negotiate terms for a payment gateway as it is available to them for free.



The next most popular payment option for MSMEs across India, CCAvenue is most definitely one of the most reliable payment gateway in the entire South Asia. It is also the chosen payment gateway for all Linker.stores and store owners can avail this payment option for free. Its features include:

  • Integrated payment gateway: Gets activated within an hour of registration. A fast API enables you to initiate transaction irrespective of whether your website is live or not.
  • Supports maximum payment options: Starting with six credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club and EZE Click) to over 98+ debit cards and 59+ ATM cards and 14 bank EMIs, CCAvenue truly supports the maximum number of payment options.
  • Supports multiple currency processing: Allows customers to pay in the currency they understand the best and collects payments in almost 27 different languages.
  • A multi-lingual checkout page: 18 Indian and international languages plugged in to the check-out page for a smoother experience and a wider global reach.
  • Retry option: CCAvenue intelligently eliminates the multiple redirect pages that pop up when a transaction fails (due to wrong card details, incorrect payment option selected or bank downtime etc) and the customer is directly taken to a page stating the reason of transaction failure. Up to three attempts are given to retry the same payment option or to choose a different mode of payment. Competent right?
  • CCAvenue checkout: This feature enables the customers to store their card details with a PCI compliant environment for their future use. The next time the customer makes a transaction, they only need to enter the 3-D secure password and the CVV number!
  • Free CCAvenue shopping cart for your website
  • Social network in-stream payments: Now you can sell products and collect payments using in-stream payment feature of CCAvenue.


A multi-channel payment gateway for Indian e-store owners that helps you with all your business needs. The biggest advantage of using this gateway is that it can be integrated into any website. Its features include:

  • A simple API.
  • Integrated payment gateway.
  • Zero setup and maintenance charge.
  • Accepts a wide range of domestic and international credit and debit cards.
  • Multi-currency at the moment isn’t supported.
  • Mobile app integration is available for both Android and iOS.
  • In-build customer service, weekly performance reports, real-time reporting of sales and integration with social media comes in handy with this payment gateway option.


A global payment gateway, PayPal makes it easy to send and accept money to and from almost any one on any part of the world. Available in almost 200 countries it supports more than 100 currencies.

Currently PayPal offers two plans, Payflow Link and Payflow Pro. Features of Paypal include the following:

  • In India business owners/merchants can use PayPal to accept international payments. It doesn’t yet recognise Indian currency. So at the time of transaction, it charges a minimal currency conversion fee to convert the foreign currency to Indian currency.
  • No withdrawal free, merchants just need to have Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) which acts as a confirmation for every inward payment and payments received in India from abroad. You can get your FIRC in two ways. One is Electronic Request and Payment and the other one is Demand Draft based Request and Payment. Team from Citibank verifies everything post which the advice is dispatched to respective bank address. You can then collect the FIRC from that bank.
  • Easy API which makes even mobile transaction easier.


One of the leading payment gateways in India, Atom offers more than 265 payment options. Its key features include:

  • An integrated dashboard to monitor every transaction real-time.
  • iFrame which is a Paynetz feature that is used to display content from another source into a web page.
  • Accepts international cards.
  • No withdrawal fees for foreign transactions.
  • Currently doesn’t support multi-currency.
  • Doesn’t have a great customer support facility.
  • IVR, IPR, mGalla, Omni-Channel, POS are some of the major services provided by Atom.
  • Smooth setup process, transaction starts within 5-6 days after registering.
  • Right now, the app is only available on Android.

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Paytm gained a gradual popularity in India and due to its super-efficient business model; SMEs are making a maximum use of it. Here are the top features of Paytm:

  • Zero setup cost and an almost nil maintenance fee.
  • Supports all domestic credit and debit cards and net banking facility of over 50 banks.
  • Multi-currency isn’t supported currently.
  • No withdrawal fee on international transactions.
  • All the settlement is made to the bank account within transaction date +1 day. The first settlement may take 4 to 5 working days.
  • Bank account details and your business registration related documents are required for activating your account. You can start using Paytm payment gateway within 2 days of submission of documents.
  • An excellent customer care support.


This is a product of PayU India, a flagship company of Naspers Group. This payment gateway is ideal for small and medium sized businesses in India. Here are the top features of PayUmoney:

  • You can get started within minutes of registering with this app. The activation process is super-fast.
  • You don’t need to open a separate bank account for collecting online payments. You can link any existing current/savings bank account by just providing the IFSC code!
  • You can choose from a wide range of payment options ranging from UPI, wallets, credit/debit cards and net banking.
  • Real-time monitoring of all transactions, easy account management (edit, add, delete or report bank details with the touch of a button.)
  • Provides you with an integrated payment experience.
  • Zero upfront cost.


ICICI bank payment gateway

ICICI bank offers two major payment solutions for entrepreneurs and e-store owners in India, the IMS payment solutions and MPOS.

1. IMS payment gateway solution

 IMS stands for ICICI Merchant Services and offers a host of tailor-made solutions. Its features include:

  • An all-inclusive range of debit and credit solutions.
  • Allows businesses to securely accept electronic payments irrespective of whether the customer is purchasing something by being present at the point of sale or is away at some other part of the country.


 MPOS is a wireless payment solution which enables merchants to accept transactions on the move. Its features include:

  • A mobile app version lets you download it on your smartphone.
  • You can even connect your mobile with MPOS via Bluetooth.
  • It accepts all card, cash and cheque collection.
  • Very easy to track and provides real –time reports, invoice ID and message broadcasting.
  • Multi-bank EMI option.
  • Accepts international currency using the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) feature.


A house hold name in the world of payment gateways, more and more online merchants are opting this medium for their online transactions. The key features of Mobiwik include:

  • No withdrawal free.
  • Mobile app integration for Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Super smooth integration.
  • Transaction date plus 2 more days for settlement.

Mastercard payment gateway

Mastercard payment gateway services offer payment solutions for merchants across industries, either in-person or via mobile.  Its features include:

  • A super simple integration. Cutting-edge technology enables you implement with ease. A hosted check-out and removing the need to handle sensitive card details gives the merchant more control.
  • PCI and DSS compliant dashboards that analyses your payment data.
  • Automated reporting system that shows you the transaction summary for the day.
  • Supports transactions globally.
  • Accepts payments from any device (smartphone, laptop or tablets).
  • Provides high availability even during peak transaction volumes.


EBS or E-Billing Solutions is the first ever Indian payment gateway option to receive PCI DS 3.0 standards of compliance.  The key features of EBS include:

  • Zero withdrawal fee.
  • Settlement days are usually between 2-3 days.
  • You can start using the payment option within 24 hours of registering.
  • Supports multi-currency which includes almost 11 major foreign currencies.
  • The first year, the Annual Maintenance Charge is zero, from the 2nd year it becomes INR 1200.
  • Mobile app integration for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Pay with Amazon

Payment gateway service offered by Amazon in India. Instead of setting up a payment gateway on their online store, sellers can give an option to customers to pay with their Amazon account. You don’t need to pay any maintenance or set-up fee.

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Disclaimer: The information provided is research from the payment gateways websites and is correct at the time of publishing.

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