Barwings Hospitality and Events LLP

Mumbai, India

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  • Planning and Execution

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I am Ankit Negandhi from Barwings Hospitality and events we are in the business of corporate events

Who are we?

According to the last weeks success story @ Dcode event we call ourself 99% executive and expressive company we just got 1% input from our client and we concluded 2 Installations 11 Bars 1 Cafe 1 Award Function and 26 Power Talks with the last mint 1% input from our client

Thank you 4 of our chapter member experienced it Prashant, Priyank, Manooj and Adnan sorry could not give my 100% to them but I hope u all my brief was 1% to execute the event.

My ask for today is people who have that 1% brief we will execute and express the rest 99% for your event this is Ankit from Barwings Hospitality and events

Thank you

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Brand Owner

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