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Imus, Philippines

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ASCUE LOGISTICS SERVICES is 100% Filipino owned and established as a trucking service based in the City of Imus.

Our company is headquartered along Molino Road, 10 minutes away from Cavite Expressway and 5 minutes away from Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway and South Luzon Expressway; major thoroughfares connecting Cavite and the south to Metro Manila.

Despite being new in the industry, we have continuously delivered medical supplies throughout Luzon since July 2020. Our clients can attest to our quality of work; always on time and delivered with security. We are fully equipped with GPS and dashcam to ensure all cargo are delivered safely and accurately.
ASCUE LOGISTICS SERVICES performs the primary task of loose cargo hauling. The company directly undertakes all maintenance duties for the facilities utilized: trucks, personnel, etc. In addition, we make communications and transactions faster and more efficient as all our assets are our own. We always make sure the cargo is delivered

Ascue Logistics is a from Imus, Philippines.
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