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AFRAME is the brainchild of eccentric Cebuanos who fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and it's waves. Founded in 2005, the company started our of sheer necessity; there really were no viable options to purchase well-crafted yet affordable surfboards anywhere in the country. So we decided to make our own.

Armed with passion, determination, and an empty garage space, we began our "Science Project" with one goal in mind, the creation of a surfboard, one that is excellently made and competitively priced. From a one car garage to having our own production space, the brand grew in not only capacity to provide boards but as well as in the hearts of the Filipino surf culture.

We continue to learn and improve our craft, evolving to become one of the most respected board makers in Philippines. We supply establishments and individuals with our boards from every corner of the Philippines. AFRAME surfboards are truly made out of love by some equally nice people.

Aframe is a from Cebu city, Philippines.
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